Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Smorgasbord: A Lancaster County Tradition

When visiting Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, one of the things on your must-experience list should be a good old fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbord! There are several places to visit in the county, which are within an easy drive of inns of the Lancaster County Bed and Breakfast Inns Association, where you and your whole family will get a hearty meal that tastes just like traditional home-cooked local food. From dishes like scrapple to Swedish meatballs, there are dishes at these local favorites to suit the pickiest eaters

Shady Maple Smorgasbord

Known all over the country for their long buffet line, delicious home-made donuts, and over-all excellent food, Shady Maple is the premier smorgasbord in the region. They serve breakfast starting at five every morning and guests come from all over to experience a meal there, as well as to shop in their huge gift shop and visit the Shady Maple Farm Market next door.
They do not offer a la carte ordering, but they do cater to large groups and events. A typical breakfast at Shady Maple offers made to order egg and pancake bars, all kinds of breakfast meats, potatoes in any fashion you can imagine, desserts from donuts to croissants, plus fresh fruits and breads. Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day at Shady Maple.  
Whether you a looking for a venue to hold a catered event or just want to experience real Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, a visit to Shady Maple is a great start.

Left ImageMillers Smorgasbord-

The restaurant of choice for many returning guests to central Lancaster County, Millers offers an a la carte menu along with an extensive home-style buffet!  After a visit to the outlets or a day in Strasburg, Paradise, or Intercourse, Millers is the perfect place to take your family to dinner.
The service is fast and friendly, while the rustic d├ęcor and focus on family and tradition make guests feel right at home. From the first bite of salad to the last bite of shoofly pie with ice cream, Millers is a place that should stay at the top of your list of places to visit in Lancaster County.

Friday, June 6, 2014

4th of July in Lancaster County

This Year’s Independence Day Calendar: Five Days of Celebration

July 3rd ~
Don’t miss the Annual Independence Day Parade held in downtown Lititz, PA, on July 3rd. The parade features military personnel, police and fire personnel, fire trucks, dance teams, bands, cars (antique and otherwise) and other unique displays for an extravagant celebration. Also, the candidates for Lititz’ Queen of Candles pageant—to take place on July 4th—will ride with the local corvette club. The parade starts at 6:30 pm at West Lincoln Ave. and Warwick St and travels through downtown Lititz. For a more detailed route, visit the Lititz Springs Park website. There will be entertainment following the parade in Lititz Springs Park.
July 4th ~
Following the Lititz Independence Day Parade, the town’s 195th 4th of July celebration will take place in Lititz Springs Park, Lititz, PA. The celebration has been held continuously since 1818. The gates open at noon and an entrance fee is charged. The entertainment from the day consists of reenactments, the annual Baby Parade, games, a food court, and the Queen of Candles Pageant. After dark, as part of the pageant, over 5,000 candles will be lit on scaffolding over the creek that runs from the natural springs. An amazing finale to the evening, hi-tech fireworks with synchronized sound will begin as soon as the darkness is complete (rain date Saturday, July 5, 2012).
July 5th ~
Visit historic Wheatland, the home of Pennsylvania’s son, President James Buchanan, for a special living history tour of the house and grounds. The estate is located at 1120 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, PA. The premise of the day: July 1863. Dedicated to portraying life only two days after the horrific Battle of Gettysburg, this day is a fun way to immerse yourself and your family in local, state, and national history over the anniversary of our country’s birth.
July 6th ~

On  Sunday, July 6th, celebrate Independence Day weekend and the anniversary of our freedom by attending the free concert at Long’s Park. The evening will feature the premier Army Band known as “Pershing’s Own” for an evening of patriotic music for every member of your family. Bring blankets and lawn chairs and enjoy a picnic in the park. The festivities begin at 7:30 p.m. as part of a favorite Lancaster County Independence Day celebration.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Top Five Amish Attractions in Lancaster County

Lancaster County has many nicknames including the Heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country and Amish Country. Since the area is the oldest Amish settlement in the country, it’s no surprise that Lancaster County is a destination for people who want to see and learn more about the Amish.
There are many places in and around Lancaster that offer a look into the lives of the Amish, from seeing what style of home they live in, to viewing an example of the one room schoolhouses that their children attend, to experiencing a real-life buggy ride around the back roads of Lancaster County. These are some of the most accurate and reliable places to visit when you come to Lancaster. Amish Farm and House
The Amish Farm and House offers a guided tour of an Amish-style farmhouse and grounds. The guides answer questions about the Amish lifestyle and then give you a chance to explore the farm on your own to see some of what everyday life is like for Old Order Amish.
AAA Buggy Rides
Want to see the back roads of Amish Country? Consider a ride in an open buggy pulled by a team of horses. AAA Buggy Rides vary in length and sights to see from the basic four-mile Amish Country tour to the five-mile covered bridge tour and the hour-long Amish farm tour. Each tour gives you the experience of riding in a horse-drawn buggy and allows you to see the countryside up close.
The Amish Experience
The premier destination for Amish farmland tours, the Amish Experience also comprises a theater where the film Jacob’s Choice is shown. They also provide tours to the Amish Farm and House and horse and buggy rides.  
The Amish Village
Visit the Amish Village to learn why the Amish live as they do and see the culture that they have kept relatively unchanged for nearly three hundred years. The authentic 1840 farmhouse is on the guided tour route, and after you have seen the inside of the house you are free to explore the 12-acre grounds. Other buildings that you can explore include the one-room school house, a barn with farm animals, the smokehouse market, the blacksmith shop, and buggies, plows and other tools on display. Amish souvenirs and crafts are also available of purchase.
Amish Quilts
Known for their bright colors, classic designs and meticulous handwork, Amish quilts are a big draw in Lancaster County. Shopping for the perfect Amish quilt takes time and patience, but true Amish masterpieces are created to last for generations making them not only bed covers, but heirlooms. There are Amish quilt shops down many back roads in Lancaster County, and a great way to discover these hidden gems is to simply take a drive through the countryside.

Don’t think you will have enough time to see all there is to see in one day? The Lancaster County Bed and Breakfast Inns Association has a membership of inns all across Lancaster County. No matter where you visit, they can fix you up with a warm and welcoming place to stay so you can fit in those few extra stops.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hometown Memorial Day in Lancaster County

Memorial Day weekend has been the unofficial start of summer for many years. It’s the first long weekend of the year where the weather can generally be expected to be warm and pleasant. Children are off from school and parents are off from work. It’s a great time to get away for a few days and relax and recharge to finish strong in the last few weeks of school or get started on the family’s summer plans.
Many people use the time to honor loved ones who have served in the military and enjoy special time with spouses, parents and children, and in Lancaster County we know how to do it right!
A Small Town Celebration
In many small towns across the county, the day starts with a solemn yet joyful march through town in the traditional small-town parade. In Lititz, a former holder of the title of “America’s Coolest Small Town,” the procession gathers at Warwick Street and crosses town to the accompaniment of local musicians to place flowers at the resting places of local servicemen and women in the Moravian Cemetery. The Lititz-Warwick community band plays a set of patriotic tunes and many families disperse to a picnic lunch in Lititz Springs Park. To experience a hometown Memorial Day celebration, Lititz is the place to be!
A Big-Time Event
For those who prefer to make Memorial Day weekend a vacation, spend Saturday, May 24th, and Sunday, May 25th, at the Mount Hope Estate and Winery in Manheim. The Great Pennsylvania FlavorFest will be going on all day and is free to all, with free parking too!
The weekend will include a showcase of Pennsylvania’s best.  From wine to musicians to food, you won’t find so many talented Pennsylvanians or great Pennsylvanian food and drink in one place at any other time.
Come and Stay

Whatever your idea of the perfect Memorial Day weekend, we’ve got something for you! So, plan to come and stay the weekend with us here in Lancaster County. If you need a room, you can contact the Lancaster County Bed and Breakfast Inns Association to find the perfect place for you and your family close to all of the activities you want to attend to kickoff your summer!