Monday, February 23, 2009

During a 2-week period here in Lancaster County, specifically in the Lancaster County Park, maple syrup is now being collected from the Maple trees. Only about 10% of each trees' sap is collected each year, so there is no permanent damage done to any of the trees. Each tap will yield an average of 10 gallons of sap, per season. Since sap is approximately 98% water and 2% sugar, it needs to be slowly boiled or steamed down to a syrup. So eventually, that 10 gallons per tap yield, will amount to about one quart of delicious Maple Syrup. Pure maple syrup contains no preservatives, artificial color or flavoring, and of course, no fat. It is a healthy product to use. There will be demonstrations at the park the weekend of Feb. 28 & March 1st if you'd like to go and observe the process.

Ruth from Flowers & Thyme B&B