Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lancaster County welcomes the migrating swans

On a snowy morning on the first day of February it seemed appropriate to take a look at at the coming year and all there is to do in Lancaster County. It is exciting to see February arrive and know that spring is just around the corner. Located on a beautiful tract of land overlooking a lake we have the opportunity to watch the birds change with the seasons. Guests delight in the enormous array of birds that visit our feeders and many hear the hoot of owls at night for the very first time. Last week during full moon 2 great horned owls held a long conversation. It would be interesting to know what they were talking about as their hooting echoed through the stillness. Wonderful moments and one of the best reasons to visit the quiet of the country in winter.
In just a few short weeks we will welcome the snow geese and tundra swans as they migrate north to their summer home on the tundra. 10’s of thousands of these magnificient birds migrate through here stopping at Middle Creek Wildlife preserve, a short 10 minuites from the inn (Swiss Woods) as well as here at Speedwell Forge Lake. It is a sight to behold and draws birdwatchers from all over with camera and tripods. Middle Creek is located on over 1700 acres of lake and forest. There are many paths and roads winding through the property which also lends itself to biking and hiking. During much of the year the roads are open to drive through the conservation property. Many of the LCBBIA inns are located within a short drive of Middle Creek and your innkeepers will be glad to give you directions for a scenic drive to the lake.
The ideal time to watch the birds is the first week of March. Last year, in 2010 100,00 were on the lake on the 10th of March. By the 19th there were still about 10,000, but if you want to see the huge flocks, the first week of March is the best.  Book your rooms now and enjoy this wonder of nature!


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