Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter in Lancaster, PA

It's been a week since the first of Lancaster County’s two largest snowstorms in years, and life at the Inn at Twin Linden in Churchtown, Pa is finally getting back to normal. Even life-long residence said it was the most snow they had ever seen in the area.

 What we found to be amazing here at our Lancaster Bed and Breakfast were the most enormous icicles we'd ever seen. A few even ran from the rooftop to the ground seeming to hold up the inn. What a strange but beautiful sight as the sunlight turned them to glistening crystals.  Our B&B guests enjoying their weekend retreat continued to be awed by their growing grandeur as the rooftop snow began to melt and drip along its icy route to the ground.

With temperatures predicted in the 50's throughout Lancaster, PA, all the winter beauty will soon disappear. It will soon be time to start looking for beautiful spring bulbs that will start peeking through the rich Pa Dutch Farmland.

Sue & Norm @ Inn of Twin Linden

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