Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Music in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

We recently enjoyed a wonderful Christmas treat.  Some of our guests at the Alden House Bed and Breakfast introduced us to this opportunity a few years ago, and we finally made the reservations.  This December we attended a Silver, Wood and Ivory dinner concert.  Silver, Wood and Ivory is a duo, Cindy, a pianist and Tracy, a flutist.  They arrange and play their own pieces, keeping fans coming back for more. 

The dinner concert was held at Cindy’s home. Cindy greeted us at the door and surprise! The next people we saw were some who were staying with us at the Alden House. It was a beautiful venue.  Tables were set up in the sun room and living room which were beautifully decorated for Christmas with twinkling lights, fresh greens and angel-hair snow.  We arrived early enough to enjoy the view from the sun room before it got dark as we enjoyed dinner conversation with another local couple, having several areas of interest in common. 

Dinner was delicious, beginning with a fresh-squeezed, carrot juice soup with shrimp and ending with ginger cheesecake (I think there was a hint of lime).  It was prepared by friends of Cindy and Tracy who love to cook. The results were fabulous.
Last, it was time for the music.  As there were only thirty people attending, every seat was the best in the house.  We had a view of the keyboard and baby grand piano as well as Cindy’s fingers expertly flying over the keys.   Tracy’s collection of flutes also sat in front of us.  Tracy said there were 19 flutes, though she has 20 or 22.  They ranged in size from the smallest, having only four holes and the shape of a locust, to the largest contra-bass which was as tall as Tracy. 

The music was delightful.  They played different styles and told intriguing stories behind the writing and recording of the music.  The evening flew by.  As we departed, we were able to choose a CD to take some of the evening home with us.  What an experience!  And not far from home.  Cindy’s house is only three minutes from the Alden House Bed and Breakfast in Lititz, PA.

To find more information about this local opportunity, visit Cindy and Tracy’s web site at

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