Friday, September 28, 2012

Pumpkins Galore
As the fall weather ushers in the last of the summer harvest, color starts to appear in the fields. Squash, gourds and pumpkins, in all shades of yellow, orange and green, dot the countryside of Lancaster County.
Every year, pumpkin themed events are held around the county—some for a day, some for a weekend, and some every weekend for a month! Interested in picking your very own piece of fall? Whether you are interested in baking, cooking or decorating with pumpkins, there are much more interesting ways to get them than off a grocery store shelf.
These are some of the premier places to enjoy fall festivities, the outdoors, and picking and decorating your pumpkins:
Union Mill Acres: A family owned farm in Elizabethtown that specializes in fall ornamentals, including gourds and pumpkins. The farm offers 57 varieties of pumpkins, as well as ornamental corn and hay bales, all only a short drive from Lancaster City.

Cherry Hill Orchard: a large farm near Lancaster City, offers more than just apples—they also sell pumpkins. They may allow pick-your-own, but they also have a large farm market on the premises where their own fresh-picked produce is available.  
Oregon Dairy Pumpkin Patch: Beginning October 6, the pumpkin patch at Oregon Dairy is open for business from 12-5 (Saturdays) and 2-5 (Sundays). Through the entire month of October this family owned market is offering wagon rides to the pumpkin patch, free pumpkin decorating, food, drinks, and even more fun stuff for the whole family, weather permitting.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fair Weather in Lancaster County, PA


As the 2012 season of fairs gets underway, Lancaster County residents look forward to cooler weather and the excitement of the fair.

Along with harvest time and the cool fall breeze, the people of Lancaster County anticipate the arrival of fair season to have something to do of an evening. To view the competitions and the animals, take in a ride or two, and enjoy the unique fair food. Many of them also visit the fair just to see who they might run into!

From the produce competitions, the baking competitions, quilting, woodworking, and flower arranging competitions, to the more active competitions in the animal barns, this year’s fair season will entail all the things that people have come to know and love about farm shows.

These fairs are traditions in Lancaster County, and have been for more than half a century.

·         The Ephrata Fair, Sept. 25 – 29, takes place on South States Street, in the heart of Ephrata. In 2012, the town will host their 94th annual fair. The fair involves all of the things that make a fair a grand affair: a midway, rides, food, agricultural exhibits, competitions and much more. There will be something for everyone, everyday, at the Ephrata Fair.

· The New Holland Farmers Fair, Oct. 3 – 6, features many of the same things as the Ephrata Fair: livestock exhibits and competitions, parades, lots of food and entertainment.

· The Manheim Farm Show, October 8-12, celebrates its 59th year in 2012. Livestock barns and every competition imaginable draw residents of the area. A compact fair, the Manheim Farm Show is easy to navigate. The rides are all near each other, the food is together and the displays are together. If you attend this farm show, don’t miss some of the best apple dumplings, funnel cakes and French fries that you will ever taste!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Harvest Time in Lancaster County


It is that time of year, once again. All of the crops that have been tended so carefully throughout the hot, dry summer months have come to fruition. It’s harvest time.

The corn was planted in May and grew to change the entire landscape of the countryside. The soybeans have turned from green to golden-yellow, and the tobacco has withered from its lush green and been cut and dried in barns. The apples are coming in with a bang.

There is more produce coming out of Lancaster County during this tasty time of year than any other. It is an ideal time to visit Lancaster County. Farmer’s markets and produce stands can be found on nearly any country road—and even in the heart of Lancaster City.

   For those who wish to experience the excitement of harvest in person, you can visit Cherry Crest or Cherry Hill Orchard.